July 18, 2018

Your Happy Boards’ dashboard is where all the behind-the-scenes magic happens. There are great opportunities to customize your Happy Boards within your dashboard, and you can see a preview of all the changes you’ve made right within the dashboard!

Inside your dashboard you’ll see four sections, from left to right:

  1. Library – create new modules for your playlist
  2. Playlist – where the modules in your playlist live
  3. Settings – control the basic settings of your playlist
  4. Preview – see a real-time preview of your playlist



Create modules that will bring in content you create or content from outside sources like Facebook, LinkedIn, an RSS feed, a slideshow of your own photos or a YouTube channel. Once you create a new module, it will show up in the library list and you can drag it into place in your playlist.


This is where you can see all of the modules that are in your playlist—this is the content that’s showing on your screen. You can reorder your modules by dragging them and dropping them into place, and you can delete modules by clicking the trash icon.


In settings, you can change the background, add/remove the clock, change the display rotation, choose your font, change the display layout and add/remove the weather.


In the preview screen, you can see your Happy Boards in action. You’ll see your changes take place in real-time, making it easy to update your Happy Boards from anywhere.