May 22, 2018

Can you recall a time when televisions, smartphones and tablets weren’t a part of our waiting room experience? When the main distraction you had was thumbing through the latest issue of National Geographic or the daily newspaper? Luckily technology has come a long way in reducing the boredom as we wait for an appointment.

Rather than just having a TV in your business’s waiting room with cheesy soap operas or boring daytime cooking shows, you can opt to display engaging content for your clients, patients and visitors that they will actually enjoy! That is exactly where Happy Boards come into the equation.

Happy Boards allow you to tailor the content you want to display to your clients. You may be a salon owner who wants to show off current work, display the latest trends or display throwback eye-catching photos that customers used to flip through in old-fashioned lookbooks. Or maybe you own a medical office and want to display a directory of your doctors, check-in instructions for your patients or trivia questions related to health. You could be a bank with plans to share pertinent information with customers prior to meeting with their financial planners or to let them know where mortgage interest rates are sitting.

All of the scenarios above describe the capacity of how Happy Boards are being used to liven up the waiting rooms for multiple businesses across multiple industries. Still not seeing how they would work for yours? How about using them to greet customers, show off your latest projects or share your companies’ social media pages?

The best part of all (other than providing relevant and engaging content to your customers)—you will be reducing the perceived waiting time and improving the overall experience your customers have while visiting your business!