March 26, 2018

We’re trying a new thing here at Happy Boards.

We’ve heard from you and we know that not all of you have fancy design software lying around to create a lot of custom slideshow messages. We also know it’s not always easy trying to get all of your photos cropped to the correct size all the time. So we put together a template that helps you do both.

It’s colorful and minimalist with a font that’s clean but with a bit of personality. It also comes with numbered versions in case you want to do a list, or a countdown if that’s more your style.

A few of things to get you started.

  1. It uses a custom font, but one that’s free and easy to download from Google Fonts.
    It’s Called Work Sans.
  2. The slides come with four different backgrounds colors in Lilac, Cantaloupe, Artichoke, and Cornflower.
  3. Each background color has eight variants. Four for regular messages, and four for numbered messages.
  4. Each set of four comes in single line, double, triple, and quadruple for easy no-mess alignment. And even if your message goes a little under or a little over you can just grab the text box and move it up and down until it snaps to the center.
  5. We created an easy slide master for inserting photos. Just click the photo icon in the middle of the photo slide and pick your photo. Powerpoint should automatically fit and crop the photo into the correct 16:9 aspect ratio that fits TVs perfectly. And if the crop is a little bit off, you can just right click the photo,, select “crop” from the menu and adjust the photo until its perfect.
  6. To export slides perfect for Happy Boards just follow these instructions:
    1. Click File > Export
    2. Name your slides
    3. Choose the location you want the slides to go
    4. Make sure you set it to export JPEGs from the drop-down menu
    5. Make sure the checkbox for “Save every Slide” is selected.
    6. Click Export!
  7. After that, you can load those slides into any Happy Boards slideshow module.

So go ahead and download our freebie, Powerpoint template for the slideshow module