February 20, 2018

You may not have noticed in the last couple of years but you’re surrounded by digital displays. The fact that you’re reading one right now aside, think about how many displays you run across on an average day in the world? Your favorite coffee spot uses them to show you the menu. The place where you get your hair cut uses them to show you flashy videos to up-sell you on their other products for sale. Even the gas pump is talking to you about how that gas you just put in your car could have been cheaper if only you were a loyalty member.


But one thing you may not see as much of is just how much digital displays are being used in the average workplace today—and for good cause! Think about it…why can’t that same display at the hair salon also be used in the employee lounge to curate a fine selection of the company’s social feeds, or to convey information on when W-2s will be available or display the date of the next employee appreciation event?


Encouraging the use of the company’s social media creates loyalty, engagement and creates more content to share on social media for future recruiting. Quickly and beautifully keeping employees in the loop on pressing dates, events and general goings-on makes for a snappier corporate culture, a happier HR team and so much more. You get the idea.


Because the utilization of digital displays as culture-building tools may still be somewhat of a new idea, we’ve put together a list of some great ways to utilize this technology for the betterment of your company’s culture, and by proxy, its bottom line.


Greeter then Social Feeder
Let Happy Boards display a warm welcoming message for your client that’s visiting today from 1pm-2pm. But as soon as they’re gone, Happy Boards can automatically switch right over to your latest social feeds so your employees can chat about how last night’s sand volleyball victory has been a long time coming and get the conversation started on your next company team building event.


Sales Motivator Extraordinaire
Have a hot sales floor full of competitive and hungry salespeople eager for the next win? Or wish you did? Well, a great big Happy Boards display cycling between screens on today’s latest, hottest sales numbers and rankings might just be the motivating factor to push your team to the next level! Todd might push a little harder for that last sale if he saw that Jennifer just nudged him out of first place…in real time.


Gamification Time
Team Happy Boards understandably has many types of people that make the whole dream happen. From product engineers to UX specialists, it definitely can seem like we’re all speaking different languages. So we made a game of it! In-office Happy Boards screens now feature daily trivia questions created by each department so we can all understand what the heck Kodie is saying when he goes on about how the DNS will go offline if we don’t update the subnet masks!


HR, but on TV
Seriously, HR just needs your updated documents. They just need them now. But you didn’t remember to submit those, did you? Because you have to remember like, 500 dates a day. So now Lauren has to manually reach out to each and every person about their Form HA-8821-2S so she can make sure we have enough gluten-free pizza at the next team luncheon. Happy Boards could have gotten that message in front of everyone on the team every day for the past week!


Safety + Accountability
So you’ve got a big, massive facility or you run a company with big, massive dangerous trucks and machinery—safety is probably your number one goal. And you’re probably trying to figure out how to convey this on the daily, to your great people. Happy Boards on facility floors, in break rooms and waiting areas can convey all of your safety notices, goals and policies each and every day! Safer employees = greater profits.


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