November 20, 2017

Here at Happy Boards, we take the holidays seriously—by which I mean, we have tons of fun celebrating things like twinkle lights, holiday cups at Starbucks, delicious baked goods, meals with loved ones and maybe even a Pumpkin Spice latte every now and then.


It only seems natural, then, that our love for the holidays would trickle into Happy Boards themselves. And the great news is that because they are so customizable, you can give your Happy Boards playlists a seasonal feel: the holidays for November and December, Valentine’s Day for February, springtime for March and April—with a little bit of social media browsing, you can quickly update your Happy Boards’ playlists to feel as fresh as newly fallen snow.


Here are some specific suggestions we have for making your Happy Boards feel festive.

For fall and Thanksgiving

    • Encourage your employees and/or customers to post festive photos of themselves on Twitter or Instagram using a hashtag specific to your company, then set up Twitter or Instagram modules with that hashtag. Not only will their posts show up on social media, but they’ll appear on your Happy Boards’ playlist, too!


  • Grab a few YouTube tutorials on how to decorate tables or make an adorable garland, like this one from Southern Living:


  • Create an Instagram module using the hashtag #thanksgivingtablescapes to see the beautiful ways in which people decorate their Thanksgiving tables. If you want, you can also toggle Moderation on to make sure each post from this hashtag is approved by your team before anyone sees them on the Happy Board!


  • One of my family’s favorites is to find a YouTube video of a crackling fire. While most of them are hours long, there are a couple of shorter ones available, like this one:


For winter and Christmas

  • Having a holiday party? Bring your Happy Board along! Create a post or slideshow module to communicate the hashtags people can use to share photos of themselves having a great time.



  • There are tons of Christmas-themed Instagram and Twitter accounts! Here are a few I found that will definitely up the festive feeling on your Happy Boards:
  • If you love Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses and other confections, these accounts may be perfect for you to add to your playlist:

If your company isn’t a particularly festive place (and that’s OK, it doesn’t always fit!), I hope that you’ll still feel inspired to take to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms to find creative ways to make your Happy Boards’ playlists even better. And we’re here to help with that, too! If you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out: [email protected]

Happy Holidays!