October 10, 2017

Recently Happy Boards graciously donated the use of their service as an in-kind sponsorship for a local conference that I helped plan called Woman Up!.

Since I’ve worked on Happy Boards, I figured it’d be best if I just put together the playlist for the conference, and I was sort of amazed at how quick and easy it was to put together. I mean, that was always sort of the point, but even I was surprised when it took me less than 15 minutes to get a robust playlist up and running.

You’ll see me screw up in a couple of areas, but we like to show things to you, warts and all, especially so our Q&A team can get to work on any issues…but in case you don’t want to watch the video, here are a couple key takeaways.


Make Your Background Slideshow Atmospheric

For your Background Slideshow, keep in mind that it’ll be darkened slightly and blurred so that any social or other typographic content is legible. We recommend going the atmospheric approach where it’s not super important that anybody’s face is blurred out or obscured by other images and text. After all, if you need to see someone’s face, you should use the Slideshow Module for that.

The Slideshow Module Is Key

I use the Slideshow Module for just about everything. It’s really the best way to make sure that the playlist feels really unique to the event. This is where you can play up the graphics to the event, advertise upcoming events for your organization, and perhaps most importantly, give due credit to your sponsors.

You Don’t Have to Moderate Everything

Moderation is great when you’re feeding in content from a hashtag, as pretty much anyone can add a hashtag to their content. But if you have a Social Module that is following an account, it’s fine to keep Moderation turned off. If you‘re afraid that the account you’re following might publish irrelevant or offensive content, you probably shouldn’t include it in your playlist.

It’s really easy to jam your account full of social modules, but it can sometimes overwhelm any core content you’re providing via the Slideshow Module. Just keep dragging copies of your Slideshow Module into the playlist and sprinkle them throughout to keep things on an even keel. Either that or you can separate your Slideshow Modules into providing different kinds of slides. (This isn’t in the video, but I could have created a Slideshow Module just for sponsors, another one for the organization’s events and another one for just the conference branding.)

Anyway, I hope you found this helpful. It really is pretty easy to put together a playlist for pretty much any event as long as you have easy access to your assets and have a plan for what kinds of social content you want to feed in.