October 23, 2017

Phew, it’s been a busy quarter for the Happy Boards engineering team! We’re so pumped to release version 1.2.0 to the world this month. It’s just landed and it’s packed with awesome features to help enhance the way your Happy Boards can interact with the content you love, every day. Here’s are a few of the largest feature updates.

New Playlist Layout Template Options

This is a big one for us. The new playlist layout option now gives you the choice of three completely different screen layouts for all of your content and images. This in general will help to keep your displays feeling fresh and design-diversified.

Check it out in action here, and note the screen split on our very own playlist as one of the options.

Playlist Font Family and Size Options

This may seem like a basic one, but as creative thinkers and very detailed graphic designers, it took us a while to come up with the perfect font and size combination options. Now within each new playlist, you’ll have the option to choose between 4 great-looking fonts in your playlist settings and multitude of font sizes within the Post Module itself.

Experiment with your content to make sure it gives its greatest impact, today!

RSS Module to Display Content from Your Favorite Blogs and News Sites

Lastly, we’ve added an awesome and flexible module to help aggregate even more of your favorite content from the web. The RSS module allows you to specify from one of several of the web’s most popular blogging sites, to display post content, or specify your very own RSS feed. This will allow you to see your favorite post’s title, featured image and a content blurb from some of the most popular blogging platform such as WordPress in just seconds. We highly recommend this one 😉 .

Here is a full list of all the updates


  • Font playlist setting option
  • Layout playlist setting option
  • RSS Module
  • Wifi Signal strength and SSID to boards screen
  • Font size selection for post module


  • Tax is no longer charged in the store
  • The slideshow module will now alert you if you have more than 10 images and require you to delete some in order to save your changes
  • Any images that fail to load will be collapsed
  • Posts that don’t have an avatar or have an avatar that fails to load, will have their avatar replaced with a default placeholder one
  • Module timing option will now automatically disable itself if no timing option fields are set
  • Long module filter names will now be truncated with ellipses to avoid overlapping the weather
  • Playlist settings are now alphabetized
  • Fixed display bug with mobile devices where module editing screen would get cut off
  • Fixed display bug with Safari browsers where playlist preview and settings sections would not display correctly on smaller screens
  • Fixed bug where sub-users could not delete media assets
  • Fixed time/date picker for most browsers
  • Fixed bug where sometimes playlist would get stuck in an endless loop displaying modules for a fraction of a second
  • Fixed moderation page performance issues when account has a large number of modules
  • Fixed account deactivation functionality

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the latest release. Feel free as always to send us your thoughts, questions and feature requests to [email protected].

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