October 10, 2017

Walking into the Technology Association of Iowa’s office is a bright and welcoming experience. The tall, south-facing windows bring in tons of natural light, and hints of grass and greenery sprinkled throughout the interior lends a softness to the flashes of red and white pulled from their logo. And the first thing to greet you when you walk in? A Happy Board.


TAI has been using Happy Boards for a few months and already are seeing the benefits of having one in their lobby. “We expanded our office—we wanted to make it a lot more functional and welcoming. Happy Boards supports that,” says Mandy McWherter, Manager of Value Communications at TAI. Originally, they installed their Happy Board in the back of the office for employees to see, but they ultimately decided to move it front and center for guests. “We wanted to make a welcoming, inviting space that’s reflective of our social media and our brand. Our Happy Board allows us to have a presence when people walk into our office and communicate exactly who we are and what we’re up to. So for someone who’s new to the organization, it helps establish our brand right away. If someone doesn’t follow us on social media, this would be a good way to get them interested.”


Tyler Wyngarden, Director of Membership and Development, adds that Happy Boards is a great tool for helping TAI shine a spotlight on the most important aspect of their organization: their members. “We are in the service industry of helping our members. It’s less about ‘This is TAI,’ and more about, ‘This is what our members are doing.’ Happy Boards is a great tool to do that.”


As a technology association, TAI serves as an advocate for its several hundred members throughout the state. They connect similar members who may be facing familiar issues, host events and panels and travel throughout the state to provide support and make connections. Having a Happy Board in their office helps show off all of the wonderful things that TAI and their members are doing by aggregating social media posts from a variety of Twitter hashtags and their Facebook page. Another added benefit, Tyler notes, is that their Happy Board gives TAI the opportunity to reflect on all of the cool things they’re doing. “It serves as a good reminder, ‘Oh here’s our board at the golf outing,’ or ‘Here’s this great panel we had.’ It’s good for reflection: ‘Hey, we do a lot of stuff!’”

As a brand awareness and welcoming tool, Happy Boards is already helping TAI immensely, but they also value its usability. “As a customer, I love how simple it is and that it’s easy to administer,” Mandy says. Tyler agrees: “For our business, ease of use is so critical.”


In the future, TAI hopes to use Happy Boards not only in the office, but also for the numerous statewide events they host. In the meantime, we love that they are seeing Happy Boards strengthen their brand while showing visitors all of the amazing things their members are doing.