August 23, 2017

The average attention span ranges from 1.5 seconds to 7 seconds. The average person switches between devices 21 times per hour. Humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish.


You’ve heard it all before. But what does it mean in the world of digital signage, where we not only want our viewers to notice our display, but to spend time looking at it and interacting with it?

Based on this short attention span and constant device-switching, capturing attention and giving people time to absorb content on the screen is a constant battle. That’s why one piece of content at a time is best. Imagine trying to read and absorb three tweets, a Facebook post an announcement and a welcome message in that 7 seconds – you’d end up just staring at the screen and not actually take in any of it. You’d be overwhelmed by the amount of information available and simply move on.

Instead, exclude unnecessary content. Give people more time to take in just one piece of content, like a Facebook post, a welcome message or an announcement. Use a font that’s legible and large enough to read from a distance. Feature photos and designed announcement graphics with appealing visuals that are exciting to look at.


The temptation to fill the screen with content is undeniable. Everything is important and you want your users to see it all right now. However, when your content is engaging and easy to read, one thing is all you need to catch and keep your user’s attention over and over with new content every day.