April 17, 2017

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, the sun is out longer and, at Happy Boards, we’ve done some updating.

There were a number of little bothers that were bugging us and a few bugs that were bothering us too so, like Spring Cleaning, we just rolled up our sleeves and took care of them. The result is better Happy Boards that run smoother with improved functionality.

Here’s what we’ve been up to

  • We added a duration option to modules, giving you the ability to set how long you want your modules to run. If you want your Facebook posts to run longer than your Tweets—go for it! Want your slideshow photos to linger on your Happy Boards? You can do that. This option is on all modules except YouTube, which will run for the duration of the video
  • Our Instagram module has an “input-grow” effect applied to its fields in the dashboard. People really liked it but it didn’t exist in the other modules, now it does
  • We added the ability for 4-digit CVC card numbers in the store for better security and to support cards with 4-digit CVC numbers like American Express
  • We were having trouble displaying YouTube videos through our new vertical display option. So we fixed it and now videos play just fine no matter which way your Happy Boards are oriented
  • We fixed a bug where the YouTube module would automatically stop if was the only module in the playlist. Now a lone YouTube video will replay continually
  • We made our Happy Boards logo a tad smaller and moved it from the lower-center to the lower right-hand corner, cleaning up the space to deliver your messages and communicate your culture

There’s nothing we like better than updating Happy Boards. We hope you enjoy this latest round of improvements and your new Happy Boards.

Thanks, Happy Boarders!