February 3, 2017

What do you think of when someone talks about Digital Signage? I think of a few things: digital billboards; Twitter walls; TVs with obnoxious tickers and weather and news and “fun facts” all jammed onto one screen. Basically, I think of things that have a lot of content but no meaning behind it. Just, words (or pictures) on a wall.


When we first created Happy Boards, we knew that digital signage was an accessible but inaccurate way of talking about it. Yes, Happy Boards displays digital content, but that content is not meant to be random or haphazard; there is intention behind it. Happy Boards, at its core, is meant to be a tool that helps you gather, curate and present your company’s culture internally and externally.


Company culture as a term is starting to pop up more and more.


For many, it’s a glorified way of talking about HR, but that’s not how we define it. For Happy Boards, culture is how you communicate your company’s values to your employees, how your employees embody them and how you communicate them out to the world.


While a company may have top-level executives sitting down to discuss culture, the actual implementation and communication of culture throughout a company can be a difficult thing to achieve. We’ve had plenty of clients struggle with the realization that defining culture is one thing; disseminating it to their many employees can be extremely difficult. For instance, think about a large corporation with multiple locations nationwide. What one branch of that company is doing in the Midwest might be completely different from what another branch in the Northeast is working on. Happy Boards allows you to combine the achievements from plants, branches and headquarters from all over the place and show them to your entire company. It is a hub of communication that brings messaging into one centralized location.


We read recently that happiness at work is tied to pride—pride that someone feels for the work the company does and the values they embody.


Happy Boards helps communicate pride across departments and locations to showcase all of the amazing things employees and customers are doing. If those things reflect back on your company’s values, you’ve done it. Your culture is showing!


Need more concrete ideas? How about this: Does your company participate in a softball league? Show a video from the last game on Happy Boards. Is volunteerism an important element of your company? Display photos from volunteer events with Happy Boards. Throwing an annual event? Use Happy Boards at your event to display content using hashtag-based social media posts. Do you have clients who have benefited from your products or services? Share their story on Happy Boards. Curate all of the wonderful messages, imagery and words that encapsulate who your company is, and show them all on Happy Boards.


If you’re not sure what your company culture is, or if you’re pretty sure your company culture isn’t what it should be, talk to us.


As a six-year-old marketing agency that also makes products, we know the struggles of figuring out how to define company values that we can live by every day. We’re proud to say that we feel like we’re on the right path, and that it’s within reach for all companies everywhere. So reach out—shoot us an e-mail or give us a call—and let’s figure out how Happy Boards can help your company culture shine.