January 12, 2017

We often get the question…


“Who is Happy Boards right for?”


The truth is, everyone.  We haven’t found a company, event or office that Happy Boards isn’t the right fit for. Because of its customizable way of sharing your message, Happy Boards works. Here are a few examples of the different ways Happy Boards is used:


Happy Boards is currently running on several TVs in one of the largest school districts in the state of Iowa. The school is using Happy Boards to communicate its culture, using a designated hashtag for its Happy Boards to showcase the positive things the students and faculty are seeing throughout the school and district. As the district grows, Happy Boards allows the school to highlight noteworthy events and moments so that everyone feels connected to their community. Don’t worry, there are also moderation capabilities to make sure everything on your Happy Boards is promoting positivity.


We work with several businesses that have multiple locations. Happy Boards helps keep their messaging consistent from one location to the next, whether it’s communicating with customers or employees. Happy Boards makes this an easy task by being remotely manageable from your desktop, tablet or phone. That means you don’t have to be on-site to change your content; update it from your phone, and it will update instantly on Happy Boards.


Happy Boards has helped solve several problems factories face when communicating with employees that are not digitally-connected.


The old-fashioned way of posting announcements on the bulletin board were no longer working. Happy Boards allows announcements to be made in real time on any TV so everyone is on the same page.


Although events don’t necessarily have a “culture” of their own, they do have a personality. Happy Boards has been used to help set the tone of your event. Happy Boards encourages social engagement from attendees by dynamically pulling in social media posts using your event’s hashtag. Happy Boards is also a great way to feature sponsors of the event, ensuring they get the credit they deserve.


Happy Boards is a tool for cultural health and communication.


Good culture means good communication. If you are a company that prides itself on great culture, Happy Boards is for you. If you are a company that doesn’t have a defined culture and needs some improvement, Happy Boards can be an essential tool in helping establish the culture you want.