December 13, 2016

Happy Holidays, Happy Boarders!

We’ve been hard at work on your Happy Boards (we think the only people busier this month were these guys), making them jolly, bright and better than ever. We decided to see 2016 out with a bang, so the biggest update is one that literally turns Happy Boards on their heads. Under “Playlist Settings,” you’ll notice an option for “Display Rotation.” This feature allows your image to change its orientation from horizontal to vertical for Happy Boarders who use vertical screens. This feature opens up all kinds of possibilities in terms of locations and uses for Happy Boards. No longer are you constrained by the edicts of orientation—go long or go tall, it’s your choice!

  • Here’s what else we’ve been working on in Santa’s Happy Board workshop:
  • Fixed bug where having a YouTube module in the moderation list would cause display issues.
  • Removed unused “Show Filter” option from YouTube modules.
  • Added LinkedIn Module. Start networking!
  • Added “Filter Type” selection for Instagram, Twitter and YouTube modules.
  • Added “Display Mode” option for Slideshow module.
  • Fixed “ghost module” bug where blank modules would sometimes show up on a playlist.
  • Fixed “channel console error” bug with the playlist weather setting.
  • Fixed the Social Authentication buttons on the Account Info page.
  • Fixed “Session not defined” error while deactivating an account.
  • Fixed UploadCare memory leak. (This should enhance performance by a lot.)
  • Fixed “Undefined background type” and “Undefined backgrounds length” bugs.
  • Fixed bug where sub-users would see all modules on the moderation page regardless of which playlists they have been given access to.
  • Removed “Search Term” filter option for Twitter module.
  • Expired post media is now hidden instead of displayed broken.

We focused on bug fixes in December so we could start 2017 with a clean slate. It bothers us when Happy Boards don’t work perfectly, so we’re always striving for that goal. The good news is we’re closer than ever! As always, thank you for using Happy Boards and have a wonderful holiday season.

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