November 13, 2016

Did you know that at least eight nations, including our own, celebrate Thanksgiving? It’s not just a holiday for Americans and Canadians (though our wacky upstairs neighbors celebrate theirs in October). The Germans enjoy Erntedankfest, a harvest festival designed to give thanks for a good year. Liberia, a West African nation founded by freed slaves from the United States, took the Thanksgiving tradition with them, creating cornucopia feasts that include mangoes, papayas and pineapples. Many pilgrims on the Mayflower started their journey in the Netherlands and therefore the Dutch celebrate Thanksgiving much in the same way that we do (although without turkey). In Japan, they have Kinrō Kansha no Hi, which literally translates as “Labor Thanksgiving Day”—those ultra-efficient Japanese finding a way to combine two of autumn’s holidays into one.


Speaking of labor, while we’ve been preparing for Turkey Day, we’ve also been making improvements to your Happy Boards and fixing bugs. It’s all part of a process we like to call “continually improving Happy Boards in the hopes of making them the greatest thing in the known universe.” We need to come up with an anagram for that or something.


Here’s all that we’ve done in this month of thanks

  • Modules and media are now playlist-specific rather than account-specific, making the dashboard more user-friendly.
  • Added “Sub-Users.” You may now create “Sub-Users” to control your playlists. So, if you have team members, you can now grant them access to run your Happy Boards as either “Editors” or “Moderators,” and it can even be assigned to specific playlists.
  • Added “Post” module, making posting messages even easier.
  • Added playlist “Share Link,” displayed below the playlist preview screen, allowing your playlist to be sharable and viewable on a browser.
  • Added module “timing” feature where you can define a start date or time and an end date or time for the module to be displayed.
  • Added “Background Mode” option to display your background differently. You can now select between “Cover,” which is the default and adjusts the photos to fill the entire background (this used to be the only option); “Contain,” which will show the whole photo regardless of size or orientation; and “Tile” which will create a grid of the photograph. So many options!
  • Removed 16:9 auto-cropping on images.
  • Removed Froala Editor notice.
  • Fixed bug where module options would not be displayed when creating a new Instagram module. -Fixed bug where module timing would only work if a date was entered. Now you may leave the date blank and just put a start/end time to make the module display at a certain time everyday.
  • Fixed bug where Slideshow module media would be lost after 24 hours. Keep ’em as long as you want! -Fixed bug where dates would not work for module timing feature.
  • Fixed bug where Facebook “link” posts would not display an image because nobody likes looking at a link.
  • All social media posts will now show up under the moderation tab even if moderation isn’t enabled for that module. Modules will still have their posts show up as normal if moderation is disabled, but now this allows for you to reject posts without having to approve every post.
  • Social media modules will now fetch more posts after any posts have been rejected in the moderation tab.
  • Fixed bug where social media modules would fetch the wrong number of posts.
  • Fixed bug where having the background setting open on a playlist while uploading media to a slideshow module would cause unexpected issues.
  • Fixed bug where Instagram module wouldn’t fully authorize.
  • Fixed bug where media would show up twice after editing a slideshow module and going back to it.

That’s a lot of updates. Just more to be thankful for. And the number one thing we’re thankful for is you and your continued use of Happy Boards. So thank you for making the world a little happier.

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