March 23, 2016

There are a lot of reasons Happy Boards are unique, from our real-time social capabilities, to our innovative pricing model to the ease and convenience of our management system which allows you to make instant changes from anywhere, but one of the things that really sets us apart is our decision to present content one piece at a time. When we were developing Happy Boards we noticed that there were a few other digital signage providers out there that presented social content in an enormous grid, showing dozens of tweets or posts at a time. The effect was efficient but overwhelming and not necessarily in a good way.

When you’re presented with a ton of information like that, especially if it’s scrolling or changing, you either feel frantic to consume it all while you can or too overpowered to even attempt to read anything. And if you are at an space where the digital signage is presenting user-generated content, how special does it feel to see your post among dozens of others? Those grids overwhelm readers while simultaneously underwhelming contributors.

Happy Boards are different. Our content is shown on a timed schedule one piece at a time. This just makes sense to us, it gives the piece of content its shining moment in the sun while still remaining dynamic and ever-changing. Think about your Instagram feed–do you get a grid of dozens of posts? Of course not! One piece of content at a time allows that content to soak in and be meaningful, it allows for a greater impact. And, because Happy Boards allows announcements to be scheduled as every other piece of content, the important information never gets lost in the shuffle.

We designed Happy Boards to work the way people think and we don’t think in big, busy grids. We’re all about giving content the time it deserves, designing playlists that are truly playful, not jumbled, random walls of incomprehensible information. With a Happy Board, you know what you’re looking at. With a Happy Board, you understand what’s being shown. With a Happy Board, things get a little happier one bit at a time.