March 23, 2016

Hi there!

My name is Katie Patterson and I’d like to introduce something to you that’s very special to me. About 2 years ago, the marketing firm I founded moved to a new location. That meant a custom build-out in a new space. Empowered by the possibilities and in line with my goal to always dream bigger, I imagined our new office with a custom piece of digital signage. Our development team got right on it and Happy Boards were born.

I never anticipated that Happy Boards would be anything other than a cool device for our office but suddenly, people came up to me and my team asking about it. “What is this cool TV that just welcomed me?” “How did my Tweet show up on your board so fast?” “Where can I get one for my office?” “These would be great at my event!” It didn’t take long to realize that we had stumbled upon a very real need–custom digital signage that actually makes people happy–so we went to work making sure that Happy Boards were capable of doing all the wonderful things that they do. And what are those things, you ask? Let me help you get aquatinted.

  • Happy Boards can work on most television and on many television as you’d like. And you can have different playlists running on multiple televisions if you like. It’s all customizable to what you want.
  • Happy Boards can be customized to welcome guests to your business, event, school, retail space or any other location where a greeting would be appropriate. That means if Mr. Sterling has an appointment at 11:00am at your office, just program your Happy Board and you better believe that Mr. Sterling is getting his greeting at 11:00am on your office’s Happy Board.
  • With a Happy Board, it’s easy to make real-time announcements so your students, or coworkers, or event goers can keep up-to-date.
  • Happy Boards are completely interactive with social media. Customized to your specifications, your Happy Board will display social content from various channels in real-time. You can curate playlists by username or hashtag (adding as many as usernames and hashtags as you like) and set up permissions so that you approve every post to ensure that only the content you want ends up on your Happy Board.
  • Happy Boards have a ton of other great features like real-time weather, custom background and featured images and video playlists.
  • A Happy Board displays content one piece at a time on an ever-expanding loop, giving each piece of content its due why remaining dynamic and engaging.

We created Happy Boards because the world is too interesting to stay static and lifeless. We wanted digital signage that reflected what’s happening in real time, totally controlled by the user and completely inviting the viewer. Happy Boards make people feel good, they keep them informed, they get them involved.

So, try out a Happy Board. It’ll be so great!

Katie Patterson

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